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更多内容请百度搜索:可小果"最近不紧不慢地下了几场雨""...the last rains came gently,"但它们不足以滋润这干裂的大地""and they did not cut the scarred earth."农民的犁来来回回的划过雨水留下的痕迹""The plows crossed and recrossed the rivulet marks."借助最后一场雨 田埂里的玉米""The last rains lifted the corn quickly"连同散落在这大地上""and scattered weed colonies and"和沿着路边的野草也都开始疯长起来"grass along the sides of the roads"那个灰色""so that the gray country"和暗红色交杂的田野开始渐渐消失""and the dark red country began to disappear..."追猎今天听牧师布道了吗You listened to the sermon today?听了Yes, sir.然后呢And?不知道I don't know.不知道I don't know?"不知道"并不是一个确切的答案 孩子"I don't know," is not much of an answer, boy.简直让人昏昏欲睡Ah, pulled in nap time.我不喜欢那个牧师的花言巧语I don't care much for the Reverend's rhetoric.事实上 我确定他的老牧师父亲In fact, I'm sure his papi, Reverend senior要是听到他在上帝的圣殿里的某些说辞would be rolling in his grave for some of在坟墓里都会不得安生the utterings coming out of his mouth in the house of the Lord.我想你我都理解But I think we both understand他想表达什么意思what he was basically getting at.是这样的I think so.奥斯卡 你要明白You see, Oscar,一个男人总有一天是要挺身而出的there comes a time when a man's gotta step up, son.不为自己Not so much for himself,而为了他人的幸福but for the betterment of others.你明白我的意思吗You understand what I mean?当那天来临的时候And when that time comes,作为男人 我们义不容辞we as men, we have to be ready to oblige it.-晚餐非常棒 乔 -谢谢- It's a mighty fine meal, Jo. - Thank you.-谢谢妈妈 -不用客气 宝贝- Thanks, Mom. - You're welcome, honey.奥斯卡 你想把这个给卢送去吗Oscar, you're gonna run this over to Loux?乔瑟芬 别一直把我们的东西给别人Josephine, do not be giving away what's ours.奥古斯都 不然这些孩子就没得吃了Augustus, those children won't eat otherwise.把这个拿给他们 快点回来Take this to them and hurry home.好的Yeah.到我这来 孩子Come over here, boy.别在那边逗留Don't be lagging.我不想让你粘上I don't want you catching whatever那房子里的任何脏东西 好吗virus lingers in that house, all right?没问题Yes, sir.门没锁It's open.-你好 奥斯卡 -你好- Hey, Oscar. - Hey.嗨 小屁孩Hey, dove.你拿的什么What you got there?我妈准备的食物It's chop from my mum.-卢 你为啥还不去把炉子打开 -好的- Loux, why don't you go crank up the stove? - All right.-带上你的弟弟 -阿莫斯- Take your brother in there. - Amos.儿子Boy.没听见吗 动动你的屁股 去帮一下你姐姐Did you not hear me? Get your ass in there and help your sister.-带着你的屁股去厨房 -嘿- Get your ass in there! - Hey!你是个愚蠢的小混蛋 对吗Hey! You're a daft little fucker, ain't you?奥斯卡Oscar.过来 小子Come here, boy.帮我办点事Why don't you do something for me now?回去告诉你爸爸我不要他的施舍I want you to tell that daddy of yours I don't need his givings.我不要他或者你妈妈的可怜施舍I don't need his nor your mom's backhanded charity.明白了吗You understand me?卢 关掉炉子 把吃的还给奥斯卡Loux, cut the stove off, give the feast back to Oscar.-但是 爸 -孩子 按我说的做- But, Dad... - Just do it, baby.听到了吗You heard me.但是But...照我说的做Do what I say.拿着 带回家去Here, take it back.滚出我的房子Get the fuck out of my house.滚Go!宝贝吃完早餐自己收拾干净把送奶瓶收起来晚上见爱你的妈妈卢Loux?卢Loux!阿莫斯Amos?-你还好吧 -嗯- You okay? - Yeah.发生了什么What happened?坐到我身边Come sit with me.靠近点Get in there.你知道我爱你 对吗You know I love you, right?你会爱我吗Will you love me?我不会让任何人伤害你No one will ever hurt you.你会变得非常漂亮 知道吗You getting to be real pretty, you know that?我没注意到你已经长的这么大了I didn't notice how much you've grown up.我没法阻止他I couldn't stop him.你必须做点什么You have to do something.你什么意思What do you mean?我们无处可去There's nowhere else for us to go.你可以去外面生活You could live out here.没人告诉你该怎么做No one telling you what to do.你能听见吗Can you hear them?他们随风而来They're in the wind.他们的尖叫Their screams.在我们之前 他们已经在这儿了They were here long before us.并且他们永恒不灭And they will be forever.没事的It's okay.没事的It's okay.我一直想把这个送给你I have been wanting to give you this.这是我妈妈的 我爸不让我戴它It was my mom's. My dad won't let me wear it.我想让你戴着它I want you to have it.让我帮你戴上Let me help you.又抓到一个未成年人 珂恩Got another minor, Keryn.看看你 你只是个宝宝Look at you. You're just a baby.今晚我们人手不太够We're short-staffed tonight.没关系 我带他去6号室That's fine. I'll take him to Six.走吧 孩子Come on, boy.寻人启事奥斯卡·格雷帮帮我们又是一个寻人启事I got another one for you.是昨天晚上来的那个男孩吗Is that the boy who came in last night?你觉得这孩子像个杀人犯吗 珂恩Does that kid look like a murderer to you, Keryn?不 他不像No, he doesn't.上边说这孩子也是从湿地附近来的Says this one's from out near the marsh too.一个小孩怎么能在晚上走一百英里How is a kid gonna get a hundred miles away overnight?你认为他有同伙吗Think he's got accomplices?你觉得这是一个犯罪团伙吗You think there's a conspiracy here?我不清楚I don't know.看第一眼我就觉得他俩是同一个人They're all starting to look the same to me.不打扰您了I'll leave you to it.小子Boy.走吧Go on."奥斯卡""Oscar,"吃完早餐自己收拾干净""Clean up after yourself and"把送奶瓶收起来 晚上见"put the milk delivery away. We'll see you tonight."爱你的妈妈""Love, Mom."我叫桃子I'm Peaches.你饿吗You hungry?吃吧Go ahead.跟我来Come on.别担心 跟我来Don't worry. Come on.你父母在哪Where are your parents?我三岁的时候妈妈死了 我从来没见过我父亲My mom died when I was three. I never knew my father.我有个地方住 有人照管我I have a place to live, people who look out for me.现在问题是 你家住哪更多内容请百度搜索:可小果

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